Steps To Use WhatsApp Call?

What the requirement to use the Call feature in WhatsApp ??. well this time I will give you the conditions to be able to use the Call feature in WhatsApp.

The first to be done is to update the version of WhatsApp to 2:12:16. The version of the application can be downloaded from the official page WhatsApp through this link.

The second step is the hardest. As already mentioned above, you should receive a call from other users who already enable WhatsApp Call.

These calls must be answered and used also chatted a few moments for the recipient of the call numbers also got similar features. When this feature is successfully activated, the display will change WhatsApp on your phone.


Before activating Call, make sure the latest version of WhatsApp already. If the Call feature is active, the display will change application
Now it would seem there are three tabs that divide the display WhatsApp, ie Call, Chat and Contact. When opened, the tab will display the call history of incoming calls, outgoing calls and received calls.

At each contact or open chat appeared phone icon on the top. If you've changed like that, every call made through WhatsApp will automatically use the Call feature.


After a call is active, the logo will appear on the telephone contact number and all calls via WhatsApp will use internet connection
Earlier, about a month ago WhatsApp also had open invitation for this feature. But all of them without notice. The invitation has now been opened again, although it is not clear when it will be closed.

Currently the only way is to get the phone from other users who have activated Call WhatsApp. Without the call, unfortunately, you can not give it a try and had to wait for the official release time.

May be useful for all

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