How to Overcome Download Game Asphalt 8 Troubled

Today I will give you a solution how to fix the game Asphalt 8 in android
examples of problems:
My Mobile Oppo Find 5, when downloading games Asphalt 8 why frequent renewal request. What I do I do first so no updates anymore?

From the above issue I can conclude, reform in question is an update of the game Asphalt itself, because it is so that each time to play the game no longer appear Asphalt renewal, you turn off its Internet connection so that the game is not directly connected online at the time of play .

In addition, you can also make changes to the settings in the application playstore in the update settings, check the option do not auto update apps that signifies you turn off the automatic update feature is already available when its updated.

Or it could be ticking on the update via Wi-Fi, given a large enough capacity Asphalt game update it. Okay, please try and good luck.

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