Effects Without Installing Using Laptop Batteries??

         Today I will give you this I will give you the information wrong for us when the toy laptop without the battery ..? According to you all how, some say let Battre durable / durable removable only battrenya wah what the dangers are not gan. Logically Battre not installed dilaptop durable course, his name is also removed unused, but beware the tablets can be dangerous for your own laptop without using Battre when the toy laptop.
          Why is dangerous that people sometimes do not realize we like to break that has been specified, or at the maximum design. Laptops in desaign with lit using power Battre yes should always be installed, he'll not have to last longer in pairs gan,,? who says it.
My own experience to meet each user has a complaint with his laptop lcd ie below the lateral line and I asked to the user, was the main factor for not wearing Battre so if you turn on the direct use of power or directly on the charger. There are also the ones that laptop Matot total presumed dead because without using Battre, direct charger.
            Well why could happen like ..? wondering why ... essentially a laptop already in desaign like it ya must comply with usage advice rather than off Battre, without Battre electric current generated by directly connecting the adapter gets IC power without going through Battre, if the electrical power in your home not setabil then very effect on existing components in the laptop device.
            There is also a laptop that does not use Battre but safe for toys, may not have time to time well if the laptop without Battre toys that function for power storage electric current if a sudden power failure how, automatically laptops will die. if often such that KO normally from the hard drive. I often encounter such damage, lest you turn yah buddy BLooogger.
            I hope the article above would reduce the toy laptop users without using battery, open it I scare but experience talking.

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