Download aplikasi BlackBerry Blend New

    Today I will give you the software for android now like to change the dressing is no software to move all existing data on the phone to a laptop or tablet BlackBerry Blend - No cables, no saving to the cloud, without transfer between devices, Jump in use in place.
Usually you have to switch between computers, tablets, and smartphones to complete various tasks, but this device is not integrated. This results in lost productivity each time you switch from one device to another. Now no need to like it.
   BlackBerry® Blend is software that you can download to your computer and your tablet so it can deliver messages and content to the BlackBerry smartphone and tablet computers.
BlackBerry Blend brings together all BBM ™ and SMS messages from the BlackBerry to a unified messaging hub and tablet computers. Get instant notification of new messages, and read, respond to, and create a message on any device in order to be more productive.
BlackBerry Smartphone miss you at home? You can still receive messages BBM ™, email, and SMS from your BlackBerry to your computer or tablet via BlackBerry Blend, although the cell phone is not in your hands.
   Because BlackBerry expanded capabilities to the computer and tablet via BlackBerry Blend, you have secure access to work email, calendar and important files on any device without VPN. Much easier, much faster.
   Forget send an email or use a USB memory to transfer important documents. Drag and drop files from your computer or tablet to your BlackBerry Blend to be accessible from any device connected to the BlackBerry Blend - although there is no cell phone in your hand.
   BlackBerry Blend can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi® or cellular connection, or via a cable to a USB port on the computer. Once connected, use the BlackBerry® ID and tablet computers to connect to the BlackBerry Blend and you are ready to access from anywhere.
You often fly? Now you can compose emails while on the plane with the BlackBerry Blend. Immediately after receiving the BlackBerry smartphone's mobile data connection after landing, the message will be sent automatically.


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