Ready Kodak launches Android Smartphone Next Year

   Important information for next year already so well known Brands Kodak in creating camera. Next year, the possibility of Kodak no longer only known as a manufacturer of cameras, but Android smartphone.
   Kodak may not want to be late to follow and anticipate market movements. The sophistication of the smartphone's camera increasingly eroded the camera market. Therefore, Kodak will enliven the smartphone market by introducing its first product at CES 2015.
  Unfortunately, Kodak still stingy in sharing information about the planned release of its first Android smartphone. What is clear, Kodak smartphone will be equipped with a special application for capturing, storing, and sharing photos with a unique user interface.
   Next year, Kodak also plans to release more the gadget, including tablets and accessories that are compatible with a smartphone camera. We wait for the announcement early next January.

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