whether winamp bankrupt ???


  Applications and all services associated with the legendary media players, including Winamp.com site, scheduled closed on 20th December. The announcement that Winamp will be closed immediately released on Thursday (11/21/2013) ago.
    Then came the news that Microsoft is interested in buying Winamp. As reported by TechCrunch, the software giant is allegedly being involved in talks with AOL as the owner of Winamp to buy the following services with Shoutcast.
   AOL bought Nullsoft, Winamp creator, worth 80 million US dollars in 1999. Shoutcast internet radio streaming service is also developed by Nullsoft.
    Not yet known what was the motivation that Microsoft bought the service, even if the news is true. Clearly, if the purchase did happen, then there is a possibility that Winamp can continue to "exist".
    Winamp is a media player that was once very popular among PC users as audio format support is very broad, the following customization options, plug-in skins, visualizations, and other features that it offers.
    However, the triumph of software that has been outstanding for more than 15 years is slowly fading, until then AOL announced it would close it. Aol not explain the reasons behind the closure.

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