Ways to Free Gems in Clash of Clans

This time I will give way a little bit special, namely Ways to Free Gems in Clash of Clans. Unlike the way out there, the way this one is really safe and legal.
Because this time we will use a whiff, Dollar producer of Android applications. However, many do not know how to pull the dollar out of whiff that could be used to purchase Gems, Diamond or the like.
Immediately, yes, this tutorial I divided into several stages, namely:

  1. First Stage: Installation whiff, How to Get Dollar from Android
  2. Stage Two: Create and Configure Google Wallet
  3. Third Stage: Doing Withdrawal Dollar whiff
  4. Phase Four: Implementation Redeem Code to Google Wallet

(If you already know and have balance in whiff, you can jump straight to Stage Two.)
FIRST STAGE: Installation whiff
Download and Install whiff on your Android. (Whiff can not be used in emulator like BlueStacks or Genymotion)
Run Application whiff, then first Login using your Facebook.

As the first bonus, you can get $ 0.30 to enter the code AE78397.

The essence of this whiff is, you have to install and try out applications in it, for example Applications Babe, you must install and if you want to get more dollars, you have to use it for a few minutes a day. So if I do not open the app, I do not make money then? Of course it can, but only $ 0.01. Meanwhile, if you open the app and play for a few minutes, you can get $ 0.20 - $ 0.50 (approximately USD 6,000, - / app) NOTE: You should do this at least until your balance (minimum) reached $ 10.
SECOND STAGE: Google Wallet
As we know, Google Wallet is Google's official payment for all product applications or games that exist in Google Play, such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, LINE Let's Get Rich.
Well, Special to the way we are talking about this one is how to use the Redeem Code that later we will get from whiff. However, Redeem Code can only be used in the United States (United States).
Now I want to tell how to alter our country in Google Wallet to US (United States). NOTE: All of the risk borne by each, the State that has been changed can not be changed again in quick time.

  1. Google Wallet login using your Google Account
  2. After that, Go to the Settings tab, click on the Home Address, and then equate the address to be like this or you can use a valid address in the United States.

3. If so, Click "Save". If there is a further confirmation, click "Accept and Continue".
4. Up here, you've managed to arrange for Google Wallet can receive payments from whiff.

STAGE THREE: Withdrawal Dollar to Google Wallet
If your balance is more than $ 10, you can make withdrawals to Google Play Gift Card (Google Wallet) or PayPal.

1. Open and Run a whiff, then slide it to the left, click on the Menu "Exchange".

2. Next, select "Google Play Gift Card" as a method of making the dollar.

3. You select the number Balance to be retrieved, for example I would like to draw $ 12 into my Google Play Gift Card. If so, click the button PAYOUT.

4.If such confirmation appears, click OK ** only **.

Then, wait for about 1-3 hours, even all day or more to get a reply Redeem Code. You can see it in

STAGE FOUR: Application Redeem Code

Next is to apply the Redeem Code that we can into our Google Play Store.
1. Go to the Google Play Store you, if I can use the latest version.
Click Menu, and select Redeem.
download now
2. After that, enter the Redeem Code is the earlier we get.

3. If successful, then notification will appear like this.

4. Doing purchase Gems in Clash of Clans

1. Open and Run Clash of Clans
2. Go to the Shop and select gems that cost roughly fit with your Wallet Balance.

3. Nailed It! Now you've got Gems without spending a dime amount.

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