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AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG) is a leading worldwide provider of software and online services that deliver peace of mind to approximately 187 million active users by simplifying, optimizing and securing their Internet experiences.
  Our business model affords us a significant competitive advantage. AVG consistently delivers high-quality software solutions and services in high volume and at no cost to our users, enabling the Company to rapidly acquire new users. Through our large user community, we are able to better understand the needs of our users, become a trusted provider of peace-of-mind software solutions, and thereby intelligently monetize our user base through premium products and value-added online services. These business model characteristics drive scalable growth, robust operating margins and strong cash flow generation. Our software solutions, which today range from desktop, laptop and mobile security software to dynamic secure Internet search solutions, can be accessed and utilized with minimal effort and limited technical know-how from the user.
 As an existing or potential investor in AVG, we are aware of how important transparency is in evaluating your investment decision. In the following pages, you will have access to our financial information, news, events and other information. Should you require additional information that you cannot find in these pages, please do not hesitate to

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