download Modoo Marble terbaru

There are already playing a Modoo Marble ? PT . Indonesia as the publisher CJ Internet by introducing game genre Board Game Online This is not long after they released the game Elsword in Indonesia . Maybe you have known for a long time monopoly game , well this time are online versions so that players can play not only with close friends , but it can play even with a stranger sekalipun.Modoo Marble room system in play , so the player must choose room or space in advance . The room should contain 2-4 players to be able to start the game .

Mode provided by Modoo Marble was not much , just the Solo Mode and Team Mode . Competition between players will be determined from how they make strategy and luck . Throw of the dice and chance cards as much a part in determining victory or defeat of a player . With the theme of World Travel or around the world , with the building area and the building will be fun and can be played by anyone .

Victory in solo mode and team mode has the same rules , namely :

  •     Players will win if the other players go bankrupt .
  •     Players win when in a state where the master Monopoly Triple 3 areas at once .
  •     Players win when in a state where the master of the Line Monopoly row area at once .
  •     Players win when in a state where Monopoly Tourism tourism master all areas at once . 

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