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For you who are still using BlueStacks , might try the new Android emulator application which Genymotion . Genymotion is an open source project that has been trusted by more than 300,000 developers . This could occur because the user through Genymotion easier to use , more functionality , as well as arguably the fastest emulator today . Genymotion also equipped with a simulation control as batteries , GPS , and accelerometer with an easy to user interface . For developers , Genymotion also comes with a command line tool that will facilitate you to test the application made . Genymotion an emulator that you can use to test your 3D applications . Here's how to install Genymotion on the PC :
1. Download genymotion first
2. Select the English language , Next. After that specify where you would then Next Install

3. After that, you decide whether to create a desktop icon or not , once completed select the next and select     the Install button and wait until the installation is complete

4.After that comes the screen for you to install Oracle VM VirtualBox , select Next . Select the next continues until Install . For installation of Oracle is a little longer , and will also restart your internet connection , so make sure you are not being downloaded .
5. Once completed , uncheck the Start Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.12 after installation , and then Finish

6. After that select the Launch Genymotion Finish

7. And Genymotion you already installed and you can use

8. How to install in your PC Genymotion quite easy , after the Way of the Rat will give Genymotion on how to use a PC so that you can try the Android app you want to use . Good luck .

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