Download Simcity 5 Offline Free Full Version For PC

 Download Simcity 5 Offline Free Full Version For PC
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Simcity 5 Gameplay and Details

Download Simcity 5 Offline Free Full Version for PC. SimCity 5, also just called SimCity, is the recent addition to the best selling SimCity franchise. SimCity 5 is the first addition to the series since SimCity 4 released way back in 2003. The game was developed my Maxis and was published by Electronic Arts. Instead of being a sequel to previous games, EA and Maxis consider this game to be a reboot on the series.
The game was marketed as both a construction and management simulator as well as a massively multiplayer online game. It featured both a single player mode and a multiplayer option. It ran on the GlassBox engine and is currently available only for Microsoft Windows.
The game first released for Windows on March 5, 2013 in North America, March 7 for Europe, Australia, and Japan, and March 8 for the UK. A Mac OS X version has been announced and is scheduled for release on June 11, 2013.
Prior to release, SimCity 5 was a highly anticipated game. At E3 2012, the game was nominated for 24 awards and received 8 of them. The game also won the “Best PC Game” award from Gamescom on August 23, 2012. However, this positive attention didn’t last very long.
Critics rated this game very poorly. The Guardian gave the game a 2/5 stars while Eurogamer gave it a 4/10 star rating. The highest rating came from GameTrailers at an 8/10, though most of the other critic ratings were well below that.
Players gave the game much less favorable reviews. Due to the game requiring players to always be online and connected to EA’s servers, there were many issues upon release. EA’s servers became flooded with all the players and eventually started locking players out. So people who had put out good money to buy the game on release were stuck unable to play the game they purchased.
Players have also criticized the artificial intelligence and path finding abilities of the game, broken game economics, and a multiplayer option that doesn’t function as advertised. SimCity 5 has also been criticized for the small area players are able to build their cities on. Maxis responded by announcing that larger areas would be available in upcoming expansions or DLC for the game, which struck many fans as a money grabbing attempt.
Despite the poor reactions and reviews, the game will sold over 1.1 million copies during its first two weeks after release. 1.6 million copies have been sold since May 2013, which is actually a fairly small jump in numbers compared to other popular games. It was also announced that around 54% of all sales of SimCity were digital copies, which is mostly due to the fact that the game only released on PC and not consoles like other games.
If you’ve been a fan of SimCity games in the past, I have to recommend you avoid this iteration of the game. It is riddled with problems and is nowhere near as good as previous releases in the series. So save your money, there are better city games out there.

Video and Screens

System Requirements

Operating Systems:
SimCity will run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Mac OSX will be supported come Spring 2013. To learn more about the upcoming Mac version of SimCity, please visit this article.
Internet Connection:
Players will need an Internet connection of at least 256 kbps download and 64kbps upload or faster.
Intel players will need, minimally, a 2.0 GHz Core2Duo, while our AMD players will need at least an Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+.
At least 2GB of RAM.
Hard Drive:
10 gigabytes of space free are required.
Optical Drive:
DVD-ROM drive required.
Players will need at least a 512 MB video card featuring either an NVidia 7800 or better, an AMD chipset of at least an ATI Radeon HD 2×00 or better, or an Intel Series 4 integrated graphics or better.

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