Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme 1.0

Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme is a nice theme pack that aims to help you change the aspect of your desktop. The theme is designed for the Apple fans and includes a lot of content that takes advantage of the Windows 7 customization features.

The theme includes ten high quality images that can be used as desktop wallpaper and are set to change every 15 minutes. These settings can be changed from the Personalization window if you want to set a different time interval or to use only one background image.

In order to match the silver color that is predominant in all the wallpapers, the color of the windows borders has also been changed. This completes the transformation of the Windows interface and brings it closer to the aspect of a Mac operating system.

Unfortunately, the theme does not include customized sounds and uses the Landscape sound theme that is included in Windows 7. If you want to bring the cool sounds from the Mac to your PC, you need to find another customization tool.

Another missing feature is the screensaver that can be used to animate the display when the user is not working on it. However, Windows 7 allows you to add a screen saver while maintaining the content included in the theme. You just need to find it for yourself and install it on the computer.

Overall, the Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme is a useful start for the users that want to bring the Mac experience to a Windows 7 computer. But they still need to find a Mac sound pack and a screensaver to complete the change.

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