Windows 8 devices from Lenovo will Have the Start Button

  Not the Start button on the Windows 8 be a controversial thing. Many people who objected to the loss of the key. And it is also a serious concern for the world's electronics manufacturers.
 Lenovo also become one of them. The China-based company will present the Start button in Windows 8 products hers. And to bring it down, the Lenovo also working with and adding SweetLabs Pokki Start Menu in Windows 8 devices.

Director of Software and Content Services Eskeskutif Lenovo, Peter Gaucher said that the collaboration with Lenovo Sweetlabs be a step to give satisfaction to the consumers. Lenovo also will present the key to all Windows 8 devices are sold all over the world.

The Start button is officially disappeared in Windows 8. But the Microsoft apparently decided to bring the keys on Windows 8.1. Even so, the button only gives access to the Start screen, instead of the Start Menu.

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