The Samsung SM-Z9006 Revealed In UAProf, As Other Variants Tizen Mobile?

  Not to mention the puzzle where Tizen smartphone Samsung SGH-N055 in Japan is fully revealed, was recently reported to have re-emerged more Tizen smartphone models with code number SM-

Based on his information UAProf, Samsung SM-Z9006 is going to support the Tizen smartphone screen HD 720p resolution but without mentioning the existence of screen size. While in the kitchen spur itself, the upcoming Tizen phone reportedly will also support the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor dual core or quad possibility core.

Determination regarding Snapdragon as a mainstay up front and not the Exynos performance is gedornya, is quite surprising and unexpected by many parties before. But according to the news while circulating, reliability Snapdragon in support LTE capabilities that is what seems to make the Samsung hooked to select it.

So far unfortunately still not known whether Samsung SM-Z9006 is the same device or a different model alone only with Tizen smartphone Samsung SGH-N055 is never revealed in Japan before. So to know more, there's nothing wrong have to wait further development some time to come.

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