Upcoming Apple iPad iPad Maxi Known As?

only the existence of ak latest flagship smartphone the iPhone that made ​​headlines warm until today, but the existence of Apple's latest iPad next flagship was reportedly well worth the wait presence.

Once the existence of the latest flagship smartphone iPhone was revealed as the iPhone 5S, now there is news stating that Apple is also going to soon bring new flagship models of the iPad, known as iPad Maxi. Maxi own iPad designation stands for Maximum iPad which can be interpreted as a device that has a certain kemaksimalan than the current iPad.

As well as the existence of the iPhone 5S, Maxi upcoming iPad is said to be equally supported by the Retina Display but with capabilities that supposedly three times greater than the ability of the Retina Display on the original iPad. As for the zoom support themselves, the next iPad will reportedly carry a large display panel measuring 12.9 inches and is planned to be marketed in the first half of 2014 that will come.

According Unwiredview, Apple reportedly will cooperate with South Korean manufacturer related to the manufacture of the display panel. As for the production preparation Maxi own iPad, Apple now seems to also still be intense in talks with some other component makers.

Although the launch of the iPhone 5S is near at hand but the iPad Maxi existence itself seems so far remains a mystery. This is certainly very reasonable considering the Apple yourselves look still has not given its response to that.

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