Find Kaspersky Virus Trojan Horse Malware The Latest Advanced Android OS Bernama Obad

       sa one of the most popular platforms universal now, it has brought Android to the side which must be faced with the problem of the emergence of new security threats such as Trojan Horse virus called Obad most resilient found by Kaspersky recently and at least must be addressed as soon as possible.

    According to Kaspersky Lab, the latest from Android Trojan virus is known as Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a that have very intricate patterns for every antivirus company. To start their own attack patterns, Obad Trojan virus will first direct the destination device to a particular website and wait until the destination device users to download any application that has been infected with a Trojan virus other. Having ascertained the relevant destination download and infected, then the virus will carry out the action that is by commanding and controlling other devices connected via Bluetooth.

   Pattern of spread Trojan virus Obad alone reportedly used a loophole that has not been discovered by any antivirus company to date. Therefore, it is of course difficult to know what is in the structure of the Obad Trojan virus.

   But keep in mind in this case, once a Trojan virus Obad gain administrative access, it can be ensured that the relevant device users will no longer be able to remove and clean the existence of the virus Trojan Obad though by using antivirus though. And even considering its impacts are so risky, Kaspersky reportedly also to report the matter to the Google to immediately followed up.

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